Bloggin' About Bees on Kaua'i and Beeyond : )

Should Bee Sweet…….

The Kaua’i Beekeepers Association  ( KBEE ) and the KCC Apiary Program in a collaborative fashion with the Kaua’i County Farm Bureau will host the 2nd Annual Kaua’i Honey Tasting on opening night of the KCFB Fair, Thursday August 23, from 6:00 – 8:30pm.

The tasting will feature local honey from Kaua’i apiaries and will offer participants the chance to sample select choices of current and early season harvests as well as aged honey from a variety of local sources. The tasting offers consumers an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the honey products available from local apiaries and purchase directly from Kaua’i honey producers.

Honey from local apiaries will bee on sale during the tasting as well as during the remainder of the Fair at the KBEE informational booth. For more information about the tasting or to submit a honey sample please contact KBEE Chair Jimmy Trujillo at 346 7725. For more information about this event and other Kaua’i beekeeping activity please visit


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