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We Bee Wet Today

That’s the scene up here in Kapahi this morning. It wasn’t wet in Kapaa town earlier today but it bee wet right now.  I had planned to visit a friend in Wailua where we were going to install some beetle traps and harvest some honey. We inspected the boxes earlier this week and did not see much evidence of beetle; although there was a hive that had been recently abandoned and was hosting plenty of larval matter. We could identify wax month cocoons but were not sure of the other wrigglers in the abandoned comb. There were very few bees in the hive, probably robbers and no sign of queen activity or capped brood. My friend collected the frames and put them in his freezer to kill whatever was in the comb. This was a small colony that survived being relocated from a wall last fall. They looked good the last time we had opened it up but they weren’t ready for a super just yet. When we discovered that the hive had been abandoned last week it was kind of a surprise because my friend thought that it had swarmed earlier this season so we were expecting to find bee activity and spent queen cells. No such luck and in the fading light of the day we discovered wax month cocoon and larval matter. We did see a couple of small hive beetles and killed them as fast as we could crush them with our hive tools. Very bummmed that this will bee a continued experience but like wax month infestations we just need to bee diligent in managing our bees.

Well, it may not bee the best day for bee work but not too bad for some Sunday bee bloggin’. Check back for more information about the upcoming KCFB Farm Fair.  KBee will again bee hosting a honey tasting on opening night  like last year. Also coming up are the Hive Box Building class at KCC this week and an Introduction to Beekeeping class in early August. Unfortunately the Feral Hive & Swarm Removal class has been postponed due to low enrollment.  Contact the Office of Continuing Education and Training at 245 8318 to enroll in the upcoming apiary classes.

checking comb for brood, honey or parasites


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