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Bee Informed…..

Well, it was great to have Danielle Downey from the Hawaii State Apiary Program at KCC last Monday. May bee great is the wrong word bee cause having Small Hive Beetle on the Garden Island is not so great. How can we sleep at night knowing our hives are at risk of beeing inundated by little black bugs?

does this keep you at night?

Well, thankfully we have some tools available for trapping SHB. SHB can bee pretty nasty but is manageable if proper controls are in place and regular inspections occur. A backyard beekeeper from the Lawai/Omao area shared his experience with some these oil based traps. There are other types of traps and control methods available. Perhaps we can use some of the funds available from the state to find out what works best on Kaua’i. We’ll keep you posted and try to bee informed about what’s best for our bees


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  1. jana

    We are checking out oil tray trap every three days, finding approximately 5-10 beetles each time….I feel successful in knowing this many have fallen in and died, but also realize that there are more in the hive..

    July 18, 2012 at 3:50 pm

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